Inspiration for Sugi Tree Studio

The Cedar Avenue of Nikko, located in Japan, is home to thousands of ancient Sugi trees that were planted over 400 years ago. These trees were planted as a gift for an important figure with the intention that future visitors may be protected from the heat of the sun. The trees serve as a symbol of prosperity for the future and this inspiring story is where Sugi Tree Studio gets its name. As a part of our business model, we donate 10% of yearly profits to chosen wildlife rescue organizations so that future generations may also appreciate the wonders of nature.
Cedar Avenue of Nikko

"A society grows great when [people] plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." -Greek Proverb

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Tanya Dzera Sugi Tree Studio Founder
Tanya Dzera, Founder/Owner/Chandler

Who We Support:


Toronto Wildlife Centre
The Ocean Cleanup
Rainforest Foundation UK
Survival International
Wildlife Rescue BC
African Wildlife Foundation