Citrine Gemstone Candle

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Rejuvenate and uplift with this candle, infused with citrus essential oils and a citrine gemstone. Bring some 'sunshine' and positivity into your space. Hand-poured into re-usable gold tins, these candles are perfect for transporting! Once the candle is finished burning, remove your gem and rinse of excess wax. Scented with pure essential oils.

Top Notes: lemon
Mid Notes: orange, tangerine
Base Notes: lemongrass, basil

The Details:

  1. 100% natural coconut wax blend.
  2. Cotton wick.
  3. Unique formula, blended to smell + burn just right.
  4. 3.5 oz burns up to 25 hours.
  5. 10% is donated to help conserve wildlife.