Cotton Wicks or Wood Wicks?

wood wick candle

Cotton wick candles and wood wick candles both offer unique experiences when it comes to ambiance and scent. Here are some differences between the two:

Wick Material: As the name suggests, cotton wick candles are made with cotton wicks while wood wick candles use wooden wicks.

Burn Time: Cotton wick candles generally have a longer burn time than wood wick candles. This is because cotton wicks are designed to burn more slowly and steadily, while wood wicks can burn more quickly and typically the flame is much larger.

Flame and Sound: Wood wick candles produce a unique crackling sound when they burn, which some people find relaxing and soothing. Cotton wick candles do not produce this sound.

Scent: Both types of candles can be scented, but some people believe that wood wick candles have a stronger scent throw than cotton wick candles. This is because the wooden wick can help to distribute the fragrance more evenly throughout the room. This is due to the stronger heat of the larger flame.

Maintenance: Wood wick candles require more maintenance than cotton wick candles. You need to trim the wooden wick after each burn to prevent it from becoming too long and causing the flame to become too big.

Ultimately, the choice between cotton wick candles and wood wick candles depends on personal preference. If you prefer a longer burn time and don't mind skipping the crackling sound, cotton wick candles might be the better option for you. However, if you enjoy the crackling sound and a strong scent throw, you may want to opt for a wood wick candle.