Fun, Sustainable & Unique.

Honestly, everything. I get inspiration from the most random places. But in general nature is the biggest inspiration for me.

No greenwashing. We are truly trying to make the most eco-friendly & high quality products on the market.

Now more than ever we need sustainable products on the market and sustainable business models that opt to make the world a better place.

Packaging with the least impact are used. A lot of research goes into learning about why certain materials & ingredients are more sustainable than others.

My first product line was soy wax candles! The style of candles has changed a lot over the years though!

I was kind of surprised how challenging it was! It took months of experimenting to finally create the right formula that smells amazing and burns well.

It all started with candles but I knew I was interested in creating all kinds of sustainable versions of everyday items. As the years went on the packaging grew to be more sustainable and we now sell candles, bath soaks, skincare, cork yoga mats, kitchen items & more!

I have a few favourites but the top 2 would be the cork yoga mats and the candles. I love designing the artwork for the mats and creating new fragrances is so much fun!

There is a sustainable recycled swimwear collection in the works for 2024! Look out for more apparel related items.👀